"Straight Up, BADFINGER are back to kick our collective Ass"

The Carouser, March 2017

Bob Jackson has reformed the legendary BADFINGER and, after two successful UK Tours, has reignited the market.

Badfinger were The Beatles’ protégés, the inventors of Power Pop and, in the words of Paul McCartney, the writer’s of the killer song of all time, ‘Without You’.

Now  Badfinger are set to start the long awaited next chapter in the band’s compelling history and collecting rave reviews while they are at it!

Their recent 100 Club gig was "near-rammed, and the roar that greets the band’s arrival is one of the loudest I’ve encountered in all my years of patronising the venue."  (Darius Drew, The Carouser March 2017 - see bottom of page for more from his review)

The Beginnings:

The phenomenal success Badfinger achieved in the early Seventies makes them one of the most respected bands in Rock history.   Just think of those classic hits, such as 'Baby Blue', 'Come and Get It', 'No Matter What', 'Day After Day' and the No1 Worldwide Smash Hit 'Without You' (No.1 for Harry Nilsson, Mariah Carey) covered by over 180 artists.


Since becoming a member of the original line up in the 1974, Bob Jackson has consistently driven the Badfinger legacy with various Badfinger related releases, performances, interviews, activities and events.

The Present:

Badfinger’s music still continues to command critical acclaim with many of the songs featuring in the soundtracks of blockbuster movies and TV soundtracks. The smash hit series Breaking Bad in 2013 put Baby Blue in front of millions. Baby Blue rocketed back into the American Download Charts instantly bringing a whole generation of new fans to Badfinger.

More recently, in 2013 Bob organized the Blue Plaque Concert at Swansea Grand Theatre celebrating the life of founder member Pete Ham and on a UK Theatre Tour in 2015 BADFINGER played to around 20,000 people.


Now  is your chance to book this phenomenal band - BADFINGER are back.


Don't even hesitate -  book this band in 2020.

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Badfinger feat. Bob Jackson