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Wednesday 4th - Falkensee, Stadthalle, Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Friday 6th - Norderstedt Kulturwerk, Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Saturday 7th Neubrandenburg, HKB  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS                   

Sunday 8th Bernau Stadthalle,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Wedneday 11th Stade, Stadeum,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS          

Thursday 12th Bad Meinberg, Theater,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Friday 13th Heiligenstadt,  Germany   -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS                          

Saturday 14th Hagen, Stadthalle,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Saturday 14th '40th Anniversary Tour 1977-2017 ' The Hawth Theatre, Crawley - FROM THE JAM

Sunday 15th Nordenham, Stadthalle Fiedeburg  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Monday 16th    100 Club, London  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Monday 16th    100 Club, London  -  CLIMAX BLUES BAND

Tuesday 17th Gütersloh, Stadthalle kleiner Saal,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Wednesday 18th Freiberg, Tivoli,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS        

Wednesday 18th     100 Club, Oxford St, London  -  POPA CHUBBY

Thursday 19th Görlitz, Landskron Brauerei  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Thursday 19th     '40th Anniversary Tour 1977-2017 '  The Apex, Bury St Edmunds  -  FROM THE JAM

Thursday 19th    100 Club, Oxford St, London  -  ERIC SARDINAS

Thursday 19th     Under the Bridge, London  -  STEVE HARLEY & COCKNEY REBEL

Friday 20th  Under the Bridge, London  -  STEVE HARLEY & COCKNEY REBEL

Friday 20th Erfurt, Alte Oper,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS                                            

Friday 20th    The Copper Rooms, Coventry  -  FROM THE JAM

Friday 20th    The Stables, Wavenden, Milton Keynes  -  POPA CHUBBY

Saturday 21st Böhlen, Kulturhaus  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS              

Saturday 21st    Giants of rock, Minehead  -  KENNEY JONES & THE JONES GANG

Saturday 21st    Festival of the 60's Minehead  -  THE TROGGS

Sunday 22nd      The Rock and Blues Festival, Skegness -  ERIC SARDINAS

Sunday 22nd     Festival of the 60's Minehead  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Sunday 22nd    The Rock and Blues Festival, Skegness  -  POPA CHUBBY

Monday 23rd    The Boom Boom Club, Sutton  -  POPA CHUBBY

Monday 23rd    The Boom Boom Club, Sutton  -  ERIC SARDINAS

Tuesday 24th Euskirchen, Theater,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Tuesday 24th    1865, Brunswick Square, Southampton  -  DAVID KNOPFLER

Tuesday 24th    The Beaverwood Centre, Chiselhurst  -  POPA CHUBBY

Tuesday 24th     Iron Road Rock Bar, Evesham  -  ERIC SARDINAS

Wednesday 25th Aschersleben, Bestehornhaus,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Wednesday 25th    Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton  -  ERIC SARDINAS

Wednesday 25th     The Forge, London  -  DAVID KNOPFLER

Thursday 26th Limbach-Oberfrohna, Stadthalle,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Thursday 26th    The Flowerpot, Derby  -  POPA CHUBBY

Thursday 26th     '40th Anniversary Tour 1977-2017 '  Princess Pavillion, Falmouth (Jan Ayers) - FROM THE JAM

Thursday 26th    Huntingdon Hall, Worcester  -  DAVID KNOPFLER

Friday 27th      '40th Anniversary Tour 1977-2017'  Komedia, Bath (Jan Ayers) - FROM THE JAM

Friday 27th Kulturhaus, Salzwedel,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS                                 

Friday 27th   Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton  -  ATOMIC ROOSTER & SNAFU

Friday 27th    The Tolbooth, Stirling  -  POPA CHUBBY

Friday 27th    229 The Venue, London  -  THE REZILLOS

Friday 27th    The Music and Arts Centre, Barnoldswick  -  DAVID KNOPFLER

Saturday 28th Wolfen, Kulturhaus, Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Saturday 28th     '40th Anniversary Tour 1977-2017'  Subscription Rooms, Stroud  - FROM THE JAM (Jan Ayers)

Saturday 28th     Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury  -  ERIC SARDINAS

Saturday 28th    The Atkinson, Southport  -  POPA CHUBBY

Sunday 29th Bernburg, Theater,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Sunday 29th    Giants of Rock, Minehead  -  ERIC SARDINAS

Sunday 29th    Giants of Rock, Minehead  -  POPA CHUBBY

Monday 30th    Folkets hus, Söråker, Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED

Tuesday 31st    Hildburghausen, Stadttheater,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Tuesday 31st    RioBio, Skutskär, Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED




Monday 1st     Wittenberg, Stadthaus,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Monday 1st    Kulturstjärnan, Gnarp,  Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED

Tuesday 2nd     Rathenow, Kulturzentrum,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Friday 3rd     Ballenstedt, Schloßtheater,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Friday 3rd    LO`rient, Linköping, Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED

Saturday 4th     Schleiz, Wisentahalle,  Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Saturday 4th    Potters Leisure Centre, Hopton on Sea  -  THE TROGGS

Saturday 4th    Apple Hotel, Goteborg, Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED

Sunday 5th    Magdeburg, Altes Theater, Germany  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Sunday 5th    Folkets hus, Säter, Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED

Monday 6th   Söders källa, Gävle, Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED

Tuesday 7th    Parkhallen, Söderfors, Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED

Wednesday 8th    Legends Lounge, Munich Olching, Germany  -  THE TROGGS

Thursday 9th    Stattbahnhof, Schweinfurt, Germany  -  THE TROGGS

Thursday 9th  "Cinderella",  Stockholm-Åland, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Friday 10th    Kulturbastion, Torgau, Germany  -  THE TROGGS

Friday 10th   The Met, Bury  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Friday 10th    MB Huset, Säffle, Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED

Saturday 11th    Werkhof, Luebeck, Germany  -  THE TROGGS

Saturday 11th     Evesham Arts Centre - TOYAH

Saturday 11th    The Harlington, Fleet  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Saturday 11th    Stadsteatern, Skövde, Sweden  -  CREEDENCE  CLEARWATER REVIVED

Saturday 11th    Fuglsocentre, Knebel, Denmark (Torben)  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Sunday 12th    Piano, Dortmund, Germany  -  THE TROGGS

Wednesday 15th     Folkets Hus, Stocka, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Thursday 16th      Droskan, Umea, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Friday 17th     Brux, Ornskoldsvick, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Saturday 18th     Ponde, Haparanda, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Sunday 19th     Teatern, Soderhamn, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Monday 20th     Folkets Hus, Soraker,  Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Tuesday 21st     Stadtsteatern, Skovde, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Wednesday 22nd     Apple Hotel, Goteborg, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Thursday 23rd     Hotell Kullaberg, Molle, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Thursday 23rd    Germany  Venue tbc  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Friday 24th    Germany  Venue tbc  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Friday 24th     Aulan, Uddevalla, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Friday 24th    Chelmsford City Football Club, Chelmsford  -  ZOOT MONEY

Friday 24th    Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton  -  THE  BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 25th     Saterdalen, Sater, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Saturday 25th    The Old Firestation, Carlisle  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 25th    Sono Club, Brno, Czech Republic  -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Sunday 26th     Gula Huset, Bralanda, Sweden  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Monday 27th    Stockholm tbc  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

MARCH 2017

Friday 3rd    Pontardawe Arts Centre, Pontardawe  -  BIG COUNTRY

Saturday 4th    Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, Havant  -  THE PRETTY THINGS

Sunday 5th    House of Culture, Helsinki  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Sunday 5th    House of Culture, Helsinki  -  THE TROGGS

Sunday 5th    House of Culture, Helsinki  -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Friday 10th   Nürnberg Germany -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Friday 10th    Fairkytes Arts Centre, Hornchurch - TOYAH

Saturday 11th    Birdwell Venue, Barnsley  -  JEAN GENIE

Saturday 11th  "40th Anniversary 1977 - 2017 Tour"  Vaerket, Randers, Denmark  - FROM THE JAM

Saturday 11th  Burkhardtsdorf (near Chemnitz), Eurofoam Arena, Germany -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Saturday 11th    O2 Islington, London  -  THE BLOCKHEADS


Friday 17th     The Academy, Dublin  -  FROM THE JAM

Saturday 18th     Offenburg, Oberreinhalle, Germany -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Saturday 18th   The Brindley, Runcorn  -  JEAN GENIE

Saturday 18th   Venue T-13, Titanic Quarter, Belfast  -  FROM THE JAM

Saturday 18th    The Avenue, Chesterfield, Derbyshire  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Saturday 18th    Hafan Mor Holiday Park, North Wales  -  ATOMIC ROOSTER

Sunday 19th     Ulm, Ratiopharm Arena, Germany -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Wednesday 22nd     West End Centre, Aldershot  -  JOHN LEE HOOKER JUNIOR and ANIMALS & FRIEND

Thursday 23rd     Ruhr Congress, Bochum, Germany-  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Friday 24th   Teatro Arbole, Zaragoza, Spain   -  MAGNA CARTA

Friday 24th    100 Club, Oxford Street, London  -  SHAM 69

Friday 24th   Hessenhalle, Alsfeld, Germany-  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Friday 24th    The Barrington Centre, Ferndown  -  FROM THE JAM

Saturday 25th    Haus Auen See, Leipzig, Germany-  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Saturday 25th    Vauxhall Holiday Park  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Saturday 25th    Sin City, Swansea  -  FROM THE JAM

Sunday 26th    Messehalle, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany-  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Sunday 26th    POLAND Venues tbc  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Sunday 26th   Sala BBK, Bilbao, Spain  -  MAGNA CARTA

Thursday  30th     White Rock Theatre, Hastings  -  SECRET AFFAIR

Thursday 30th    Viking Cinderella Cruise, Stockholm  -  NAZARETH

Friday 31st    The Factory, Barnstaple  -  FROM THE JAM

Friday 31st    Grand Hall, Clydebank Town Hall, Clydebank  -  BIG COUNTRY

APRIL 2017

Saturday 1st     Finlandia Hall, Helsinki  -  PAUL YOUNG

Saturday 1st     Stochennest, Germany  -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Saturday 1st    Acapela, Cardiff  -  TOYAH

Saturday 1st    Warehouse, Falkirk  -  THE REZILLOS

Saturday 1st    Centre Culturel de Chenee, Chenee-Liege  -  EDDIE & THE HOT RODS

Saturday 1st    The Roadmenders, Northampton  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Saturday 1st    The Harlington, Fleet  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Sunday 2nd    The Assembly, Aberdeen  -  THE REZILLOS

Thursday 6th      Germany -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Friday 7th    Bowness Bay Blues  -  THE STUMBLE

Friday 7th    The Kings Hall, Herne Bay  -  THE TROGGS

Saturday 8th    Acapela, Cardiff  -  THE LAMBRETTAS

Saturday 8th    The Ironworks, Inverness  -  EX SIMPLE MINDS

Saturday 8th    Shillong, India  -  NAZARETH

Saturday 8th    The Ropetackle, Shoreham by Sea  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Saturday 8th   Under the Bridge, London  -  THE BLUES BAND

Tuesday 11th    Aizwal, India  -  NAZARETH

Thursday 13th    Nantwich Civic Hall, Nantwich  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Saturday 15th    Redcar Blues Club, Redcar  -  THE STUMBLE

Thursday 20th    The Cavern Club, Liverpool  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Friday 21st       Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham by Sea - THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 22nd    The Bungalow, Paisley  -  DR &  THE MEDICS

Friday 28th    The Platform, Morecambe  -  THE STUMBLE & CONNIE LUSH

Sunday 30th    Esquires, Bromham Rd, Bedford  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Sunday 30th    The Longlands Club, Middlesborough  -  THE CHORDS UK

MAY 2017

Friday 5th    ARC Centre, Stockton on Tees  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Saturday 6th    Burns an a That Festival, Rozelle Park, Ayr  -  MARMALADE

Friday 12th    Weymouth Pavilion, Weymouth  -  HAWKWIND

Saturday 13th    Worthing Assembly Halls, Worthing  -  HAWKWIND

Sunday 14th    The Roadmender, Northampton  -  HAWKWIND

Tuesday 16th    O2 INstitute, Birmingham  -  HAWKWIND

Wednesday 17th    Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone  -  HAWKWIND

Friday 19th    Dorking Halls, Dorking  -  HAWKWIND

Friday 19th    The Kings Hall, Herne Bay  -  JONA LEWIE

Saturday 20th    The Pyramids, Portsmouth  -  HAWKWIND

Saturday 20th    Lets Rock the Moor, Cookham, Berkshire  - THE BLOCKHEADS

Sunday 21st    Ipswich Corn Exchange, Ipswich  -  HAWKWIND

Tuesday 23rd    Buxton Opera House  -  HAWKWIND

Wednesday 24th    O2 Academy, Bristol  -  HAWKWIND

Thursday 25th    U.E.A Norwich  -  HAWKWIND

Friday 26th    The Roundhouse, London  -  HAWKWIND

Friday 26th    The Rigger, Marsh Parade, Newcastle Under Lyme  -  SNAKE DAVIS

Friday 26th    Fairkytes Arts Centre, Hornchurch  -  TOYAH

Friday 26th   Wardrobe, Quarry Hill, Leeds  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Friday 26th   Hill Park Memorial Club, Fareham  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Saturday 27th    Mello Festival, Throckmorton, Worcs  -  HAWKWIND

Saturday 27th   The McMillan Theatre, Bridgwater -  TOYAH

Saturday 27th   The Castle Sports Complex, Spalding  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Sunday 28th    Dymock Music Festival, Dymock  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Sunday 28th    Lechlade Festival, Lechlade on Thames  -  DR FEELGOOD

Sunday 28th    Lechlade Festival, Lechlade on Thames  -  THE HOOSIERS

Sunday 28th    Exmouth Festival, Exmouth   -  TOYAH

Sunday 28th     The Villa Marina Hotel, Douglas, Isle of Man  -  EX SIMPLE MINDS

Sunday 28th   In the Park Festival, Garon  Park, Southend on Sea  -  PAUL YOUNG

Monday 29th    Jersey Opera House, Jersey  -  HAWKWIND

JUNE 2017

Friday 2nd    ARC Centre, Stockton on Tees  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Friday 2nd    Hotel AR Diamante Beach Spa, Alicante, Spain  -  TOYAH

Friday 2nd    Little Mill Oast, Marden - SLIM CHANCE

Saturday 3rd    The Old Fire Station, Carlisle  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Saturday 3rd    The Old Fire Station, Carlisle  -  THE STUMBLE

Sunday 4th     Irlam Live, Irlam, Manchester  -  TOYAH

Monday 5th    New Vic Theatre, Etruria Rd, Newcastle Under Lyme  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Friday 9th   Heiumathaus, Twist, Germany  -  THE TROGGS

Saturday 10th    Longlands Club, Middlesborough  -  TOYAH

Saturday 10th    Hamina Nights, Hamina, Finland  -  NAZARETH

Wednesday 14th    Theatro Petras, Athens, Greece  - NAZARETH

Thursday 15th    Ioannina, Greece  -  NAZARETH

Thursday 15th    White Rock Theatre, Hastings  -  SECRET AFFAIR

Friday 16th    Thessaloniki, Greece  -  NAZARETH

Friday 16th    Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London  -  THE VAPORS

Friday 16th    Ashbourne Festival, Ashbourne, Derbyshire  -  TOYAH

Friday 16th    The Plug, Sheffield  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 17th    Riverside Rock, Jedburgh  -  SHOWADDYWADDY

Saturday 17th    King Georges Hall, Blackburn  -  TOYAH

Saturday 17th    The Assembly, Leamington Spa  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 17th    Epic, Norwich  -  THE VAPORS

Sunday 18th    Plovdiv, Ancient Theatre, Bulgaria -  NAZARETH

Friday 23rd    Stone Valley Festival, Co Durham  -  SECRET AFFAIR

Friday 23rd   Redditch Palace Theatre, Redditch  -  TOYAH

Friday 23rd    Sub 89, Reading  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 24th The Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl - THE LAMBRETTAS

Saturday 24th    Engine Rooms, West Quay, Southampton  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 24th     Stone Valley Festival, Co Durham  -  EDDIE & THE HOT RODS

Saturday 24th     Stone Valley Festival, Co Durham  -  CHORDS UK

Friday 30th    RAFA Club, London Rd, Newark  -  TOYAH

JULY 2017


Saturday 1st     Mantonfest, Preshute Lane, Manton  -  TOYAH

Saturday 1st     Mantonfest, Preshute Lane, Manton  -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Friday 7th    Eyes Have It Festival,  Derbyshire  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 8th    Eyes Have It Festival,  Derbyshire  -  TOYAH

Saturday 8th     Abertillery Rock/Blues Weekend  -  STAN WEBB'S CHICKEN SHACK

Saturday 8th     Abertillery Rock/Blues Weekend  -  RED BUTLER

Saturday 8th     Abertillery Rock/Blues Weekend  -  THE STUMBLE

Saturday 8th    The Pig, Beaulieu Rd, Brockenhurst  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 8th    Glas-Denbury Music & Arts Festival, Fairfield Farm, Denbury, Devon  -  THE BLOWMONKEYS

Saturday 8th    Hauptplatz Leoben, Austria  -  NAZARETH

Friday 14th    Karjurock Festival, Turku, Finland  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS  ( with Dan McCafferty)

Friday 14th    Wellowfest, Nr Ollerton, Notts  -   TOYAH

Friday 14th    Wellowfest, Nr Ollerton, Notts  -   HAZEL O'CONNOR

Friday 14th   The Grand, York St, Clitheroe  -  SNAKE DAVIS

Saturday 15th      Wellowfest, Nr Ollerton, Notts  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 15th    Modfest at the Beach, Morecambe  -  THE LAMBRETTAS

Saturday 15th    Party in the Park, Dunstable, LU6 1NF  -  TOYAH

Saturday 15th    PKD Festival, Dalgety Bay  -  EX SIMPLE MINDS

Sunday 16th  Party in the Park, Cookley, Nr Kidderminster  -  TOYAH

Sunday 16th    Rhythmtree Festival, Shalfleet, Isle of Wight  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Thursday 20th   The Horn, Victoria St, St Albans  -  THE BLOW MONKEYS

Friday 21st    Kursaal, Ostend, Belgium  -  THE TROGGS

Friday 21st    The Watering Hole, Perranporth  -  BAD MANNERS

Saturday 22nd    Ealing Blues Festival, Ealing, London  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Friday 28th    Camp Bestival, East Lulworth, Dorset  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Friday 28th    The Old Courts, Crawford St, Wigan  -  BAD MANNERS

Friday 28th    229 The Venue, London  -  THE PRETTY THINGS

Saturday 29th    Reasons Festival, Jersey  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 29th     The Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham by Sea  -  THE VAPORS

Saturday 29th    The Tivoli Theatre, Wimbourne, Dorset  -  ROBBIE MCINTOSH

Saturday 29th     Schneeberg (Erzgebirge), Germany  -  THE TROGGS with The Animals  & T-REX


Thursday 3rd    Rebellion Festival, Winter Gardens, Blackpool  -  TOYAH

Friday 4th   Tartan Heart Festival, Belladrum  -  ATOMIC  ROOSTER

Saturday 5th    Halesworth Big Gig, Halesworth, Suffolk  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Saturday 5th     Music Mania 2017, Worthing Rugby Club, Angmering, West Sussex  -  SECRET AFFAIR

Saturday 5th     Major Rocks Live!, Maldon, Essex  -  MIKE PENDER'S SEARCHERS

Saturday 5th    The Platform, Morecambe  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Friday 11th   Loket Nad Ohri, Czech Republic  -  NAZARETH

Saturday 12th    Rock am Schloss, Open Air auf der Schlosswiese, Germany  -  NAZARETH

Saturday 12th     Nostalgie Beach Festival, Bredene, Belgium  -  BOOMTOWN RATS

Saturday 12th    Reepham Festival, Reepham, Norfolk  -  JEREMIAH FERRARI

Friday 18th      LiVe, The Guild Hall, Preston  -  FROM THE JAM

Friday 18th    Weymouth Pavillion, Weymouth  -  BAD MANNERS

Friday 18th    Weyfest, Tilford, Surrey  -  JEREMIAH FERRARI

Saturday 19th    Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester  -  BRINSLEY FORDE

Saturday 19th    Royal Automobile Club, 89 Pall Mall, London  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Saturday 19th    Great Northern Ska Festival, Longbridge Road, Manchester  -  BAD MANNERS

Saturday 19th    Weyfest, Tilford , Surrey  -  EDDIE & THE HOT RODS

Sunday 20th    Smoked & Uncut, The Pig Near Bath, Bath  -  DR FEELGOOD

Sunday 20th    The Hat Factory, Bute Street, Luton  -  BAD MANNERS

Sunday 20th    Weyfest, Farnham, Surrey  -  DUB PISTOLS

Sunday 20th    Weyfest, Farnham, Surrey  -  ATOMIC ROOSTER

Friday 25th    Sunshine Festival. Upton on Severn  -  BAD MANNERS

Friday 25th         Mt Ephraim Gardens, Faversham, Kent  -  DR FEELGOOD

Friday 25th    Live Wire Festival, Blackpool Headlands  -  THE CHRISTIANS

Friday 25th    Concorde 2, Madeira Drive, Brighton  -  SECRET AFFAIR
Saturday 26th    Trunchonbury Festival, Near Trunch, Norfolk  -  JEREMIAH FERRARI

Saturday 26th   Mt Ephraim Gardens, Faversham, Kent  -  JOHN LEES' BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST

Saturday 26th    Towersey Festival, Thame Showground, Oxon  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 26th    Chepstow Castle, Chepstow  -  THE QUIREBOYS

Saturday 26th    Chepstow Castle, Chepstow  -  GUN

Saturday 26th    Brudenell Social Club, Leeds  -  BAD MANNERS

Sunday 27th       Mt Ephraim Gardens, Faversham, Kent  -  SLADE

Sunday 27th       Mt Ephraim Gardens, Faversham, Kent  -  GRYPHON

Sunday 27th    ​Bobbejaanland  Lichtaart Belgium   -  THE TROGGS

Sunday 27th    Concorde 2, Brighton  -  KENNEY JONES & THE JONES GANG

Monday 28th    Clapham Common  -  THE ACES

Tuesday 29th    St Michaels Cave, Gibraltar  -  TOYAH


Saturday 2nd   Ripley Live, Ripley  -  MAGNA CARTA

Saturday 2nd    Zentraler Platz, Leinefelde, Germany  -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Saturday 2nd    UK Rock the Boat, Newcastle - Liverpool  -  SUZI QUATRO

Saturday 2nd    UK Rock the Boat, Newcastle - Liverpool  -  SLADE

Saturday 2nd    UK Rock the Boat, Newcastle - Liverpool  -  THE TROGGS

Saturday 2nd    Midstock 2017, Dalkeith Country Park, Dalkeith  - SHOWADDYWADDY

Saturday 2nd    Shebfarmfest, Allacott Farm, Beaworthy, Devon  -  TOPLOADER

Sunday 3rd    Eldblandbuhne, Wittenberge, Germany  -  CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVED

Thursday 7th    Germany tbc (Dirk)  -  NAZARETH

Friday 8th    Fischbach/Emsetal, Bergbuehne -  NAZARETH with MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND

Friday  8th    Hapi Festival, Walpole Park, Gosport  -  MIKE PENDER'S SEARCHERS

Saturday 9th    Woody's Music Shack, Boltby  -  REBECCA DOWNES

Saturday 9th   Worcester  County Cricket Club  -  BOOMTOWN RATS

Saturday 9th     Kelbra am Stausee, Emmenrausch Festival   -  NAZARETH

Thursday 14th    Pizza Express Live, London  -  TOYAH

Friday 15th    Hare & Hounds, King's Heath, West Midlands  -  GENO WASHINGTON

Saturday 16th    Home Gathering, Hoults Yard, Newcastle  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday  16th    The Waterfront, Norwich  -  ANIMALS & FRIENDS

Thursday 21st    Gala Theatre, Durham  -  THE BLOCKHEADS

Saturday 23rd    The Keys Restaurant, Huddersfield  -  TOYAH

Thursday 28th   Sono Centrum Brno, Czech Republic - NAZARETH

Friday 29th     Lucerna, Prague - NAZARETH

Saturday 30th     Hala Tatran, Ostrava - NAZARETH

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