2019 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the biggest festivals in rock and roll history.



'Creedence Clearwater Revived' featuring Johnnie 'Guitar' Williamson have

been touring the Globe for decades performing John Fogerty and CCR Songs.

This is a rare chance to see a classic British band perform their interpretation of a

classic American Set.  The band will also add all the other classic CCR songs to the set list

making it an amazing two hour show.


Johnnie 'Guitar' Williamson is without doubt one of the great survivors from the 1960's 70' Rock and Blues Scene.  His career has spanned over 6 decades from his years performing and recording for CBS band 'Goliath' touring the world, recording with Norwegian Rock band 'Titanic' - whose single "Sultana" reached  number1 in 7 countries- and performing for a decade with Original 1960's Animals members John Steel, Mick Gallagher and  the late great Dave Rowberry.


Johnnie's performing and recording credits have also included Steve Cropper, Noel Redding Spencer Davis, Zoot Money, Mick Green, Chris Farlow and many more.

He has supported Rory Gallagher, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Tony Joe White, John Mayall, Jethro Tull, Whitesnake, Cream, Robert Plant, Cat Stevens, Georgie Fame, and Chuck Berry, just to name a few.  

The line up is made up of two current members of The Troggs:  Chris Allen and John W Doyle and the foundation of the band is laid down by 1960's Rock and Roll Veteran  Walter Day. 





2020        More dates coming soon.....


Tuesday 21st Travel day to Italy

Wednesday 22nd  Club il Giardino Lugagnano Italy

Thursday 23rd Pica-lo Teatro Do Bosco Padova Italy

Friday 24th Travel day in Italy

Saturday 25th CrossRoads Live Club Rome Italy

Sunday 26th  Travel day to UK


Saturday 22nd    Solway Hall, Whitehaven

MARCH 2020

Sunday 1st March Robin 2 Birmingham UK

Saturday 7th Anhalt Arena Dessau -Rsslau Germany         To be rescheduled

​APRIL 2020

Saturday 4th Goldener Plfug Altenburg Germany          To be re-scheduled

Saturday 11th Gottingen Germany         To be rescheduled

Friday 24th Oldenburg Tbc         To be rescheduled

Saturday 25th Menden Wilhelmshohe         To be rescheduled

Sunday 26th Hameln  Tbc         To be rescheduled

MAY 2020

Friday 15th    Warehouse 23, Wakefield      To be rescheduled


​​JUNE 2020


Friday 5th Germany tbc

Friday 12th    The Platform, Morecambe        Rescheduled

Saturday 13th    Arts at the Mill, Old Courts, Wigan        Rescheduled

Friday 19th    Berlin, Germany t.b.c.

Saturday 20th     Landskrone Brauereihof  Gorlitz - Germany

Sunday 21st  Perugia - Italy

Saturday 27th  Sassari - Sardinia

JULY 2020

Thursday 9th     Veneto - Treviso Italy    To be rescheduled

Friday   10th    Germany tbc      To be rescheduled

Saturday 11th    Joldelund Germany      To be rescheduled 

Friday 17th    Vyrava (CZ) tbc      To be rescheduled

Monday 20th   Udine Italy tbc        To be rescheduled


Saturday 30th    Ravenna - Emilia Romagna Italy      To be rescheduled


Thursday 4th    Germany tbc      To be rescheduled

Friday  5th      Germany tbc        To be rescheduled

Friday 11th    The Phoenix Theatre, Blyth, Northumberland    Re-scheduled


Friday 2nd    The Birdwell Venue, Sheffield Rd, Birdwell, Barnsley   Re-Scheduled

Thursday 22nd     Theatre House Stuttgard Germany

Friday 23rd     Hof Germany

Saturday 24th     Wolfsburg Germany

Friday 30st Georg-Friedrich-Handel-Halle / Saale Germany

Saturday 31st Cham tbc Germany


Friday 6th Marburg Germany tbc

Saturday 7th  Vogelsanghalle im Hansedom Stralsund   Germany

Friday 13th tbc

Saturday 14th Stadthalle Bad Blankenburg Germany

Saturday 20th  Sport and Congress Hall Schwerin Germany  

Sunday 21st tbc



Friday 11th Koblenz tbc

Saturday12th Kongress Palais Kassel



Friday 5th    Dresden, Gemrany

Saturday 6th    Chemnitz, Germany

MARCH 2021

Wednesday 17th   Czech/Russia Tour Travel day

Thursday 18th  -  Wednesday 25th  Czech/Russia Tour

APRIL 2021

Thursday 1st    Germany, Venue tbc

Friday 2nd    Germany, Venue tbc

Saturday 3rd    Germany, Venue tbc

Saturday 10th   The Phoenix Theatre, Blyth, Northumberland

Thursday 15th    The Platform, Morecambe

Friday 16th   The Birdwell Venue, Barnsley

Saturday 17th    Arts at the Mill, Old Courts, Wigan

JUNE 2021

Saturday 5th    Weisenfels, Germany

Saturday 19th    Germany, Venue tbc

Saturday 26th    Germany, Venue tbc

JULY 2021

Friday 9th    Germany, Venue tbc

Saturday 10th    Germany, Venue tbc


Friday 13th    Germany, Venue tbc

Saturday 14th    Germany, Venue tbc

Friday 20th    Germany, Venue tbc

Saturday 21st    Germant, Venue tbc